OmBellyCo Tribal Bellydance Troupe is a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio!

Boston-based OmBellyCo is an American Tribal Style® Belly Dance company that draws its inspiration from various ATS® tribes both in the US and abroad (notably Manhattan Tribal and Devyani Dance Company) as well as of course, from the mother ship herself FatChanceBellyDance! OmBellyCo’s mission is to share the joyful, powerful and sensual qualities that we believe symbolize this art form. Strength, femininity and sisterhood are the qualities we choose to define our dance.

We are thrilled to announce two new additions OmBellyCo’s tribe:

Welcome Heather and Kiely!

ombellyco by pixie vision

OmBellyCo Class Schedule

Updated September 8, 2013.

No group classes offered at this time. Private ATS® classes are available upon request.

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What people are saying

“OmBellyCo then brought us back to the ATS® part of the belly dance world. It honestly blows my mind that ATS is mainly improvisational, but that all the dancers in a troupe understand the cues well enough to follow along. OmBellyCo's formations not only exemplified ATS, but it also reminded me of a fractal, where each part is a copy of the whole...

“OmBellyCo: Every time I review these stunning criaturas, I find myself needing to hunt for new adjectives. They are adroit and supple, cultivated and alluring…even under florescent lighting, a true mark of feminine endurance! They move like they have one mind. It’s almost like ultra Cyborg ATS, except they’re way prettier, so it’s more like ultra Cylon ATS...

“Their connection and synchronization was ethereal as they spun a gossamer web around Lisa Gerrard’s “The Host of Seraphim”, which is exactly how they seemed. For their second number, “Palace Dancer” (accompaniment by Duvali), these angels fell to earth to remind us that they were human, resplendent with sensuality and glittering luminescence.”

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